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Windows 10 Update 1809 Autumn 2018

It’s that time again, twice yearly Microsoft release a big update to the Windows 10 OS. This update (1809) has started rolling out mid-November 2018. Although now as major as the Spring 1803 update, there are a few new features which will be included. Key features: Dark / Light Theme. May not be very exciting […]

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Telephone Scam Alert – Can You Hear Me?

Phone Rings – Pause – Can You Hear Me? The “can you hear me” scam is currently sweeping the UK. Here’s how this scam works. Your phone rings (home or mobile). You answer it and there is a pause. Then you hear the voice saying “can you hear me”?, and again “can you hear me”? […]

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What Difference Has GDPR Made?

Writing this article 4 months after the introduction of GDPR data protection laws were introduced, we look at the difference it has made. On the 25th May 2018, the EU brought in GDPR. The biggest shake-up in data protection laws for decades. Less Junk Email Is Noticeable You may not have noticed but the amount […]

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Scam Alert – Data Protection Laws

Scam Alert – Phishing Scams There are new data protection laws coming into place at the end of May 2018 across the EU (UK included). Unless you run a business or organisation, you shouldn’t have to worry about the changes in the new GDPR directive (big changes to data protection laws) but you should be […]

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NHS Hack – Protect Against Ransomware

Surpirse? Another High Profile Cyber Attack In The News It must be about a year or so ago, I attended an appointment at the doctor and I couldn’t quite believe that the system being used to enter my details was running Windows XP. It was one of those old fashioned Dell desktops which couldn’t have run Windows […]

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Telephone Scam Alert – Sky TV

The telephone scams which appear to be run from South-East Asia have evolved into many different forms. The latest that we are hearing from our customers seem to be moving away from the usual “This is Microsoft calling”, or “this is TalkTalk” claiming to fix problems with your computer or internet. In the shop we […]

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BBC Reports On Telephone Scam Call Centres

The BBC this week published a “behind the scenes” report from the telephone call centres in South East Asia responsible for the increasing problem of telephone scams. The report focuses on TalkTalk customers being scammed which I think is a little unfair on TalkTalk as this problem is far greater. In the shop every other […]

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Video Blog – Fake Microsoft Virus Scam

The Fake Microsoft Virus Scam This old chestnut is doing the rounds again and we are seeing an increase in users falling victim to this scam. The original scam basically involved scammers calling you up pretending to be Microsoft, taking control of your computer and implanting malware and locking you out until you make payment […]

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