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Bullguard Security Support

Support: Re-Install Bullguard

Reasons for running a fresh install of Bullguard Internet Security may include resetting the Firewall rules back to default, updating to the latest user interface version or resolving any issues. To reinstall a fresh copy but retain user login details could not be simpler. Here are the steps to run a clean installation without the need […]

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Support: Renew Bullguard Licence

To renew your Bullguard licence here are the simple steps. Either purchase the new licence online from Bullguard or buy from Computroon. Our price is £25 for the 1 Year 3 PC Licence. Open up the Bullguard Software.                   The licence only gets submitted once. If you […]

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Support: Bullguard on 2nd & 3rd PCs

The Bullguard Internet Security suite is a 3 PC licence. The licence activation code on the sticker on the back of the disc is only submitted once (on computer 1) To activate on the 2nd and 3rd computer, install the program by running the disc or clicking link for 60 day trial (on the banner […]

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Support: Remove Old Internet Security

Having more than one Internet Security program running on your computer can cause a lot of problems and seriously compromise the security of your system and data. Before installing Bullguard Internet Security (or any IS suite) it is necessary to remove the previous program that you had installed. Have a look on my support links page […]

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