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Windows 10 Update 1809 Autumn 2018

It’s that time again, twice yearly Microsoft release a big update to the Windows 10 OS. This update (1809) has started rolling out mid-November 2018. Although now as major as the Spring 1803 update, there are a few new features which will be included. Key features: Dark / Light Theme. May not be very exciting […]

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How to remove printer stuck on “Removing Device”

How to force delete a printer (to reinstall) Clear Print Queue Stop Spooler Delete from Device Manager Remove (and reinstall) Solved: You want to remove your printer either via the Windows 10 Settings or the old fashioned way, through Control Panel. But you cannot remove printer. The printer won’t delete. In some cases the wording […]

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Display World Time Clock In Windows 10

Add A World Clock To Your Desktop If you have friends or family abroad that you regularly Skype or Facetime, you’ll have a good idea what is the best time to call due to world time zones. Here’s a quick tip which involves adding an additional time zone to your home computer. This means that […]

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Windows 10 Version 1803

The latest build of Windows 10 has been rolled out. Version 1803 is now available and your computer should automatically update to this if your Windows Updates are all working OK. As always, this is a gradual roll-out, so don’t worry if your system hasn’t taken this update yet. Estimated time to install depends on […]

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How to Force Load Windows Update

Using the Windows Upgrade Assistant will force load the latest build / version of Windows 10 into your system. Why do this? I have had a few enquiries with some premium internet security software programs displaying messages saying that updates are pending our out of date. I’ve also noticed that some Windows 10 computers coming […]

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Support: Display Stretched After Windows 10 Update

Had a few calls over the last week about the screen / display on some computers appearing stretched following completion of a Windows Update. Some fixes to try. Run Windows Update again and restart. Run Windows Update Assistant. Here’s the link to the direct version. If these don’t fix the issues, roll back your graphics […]

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Windows 10 1700 Update

Today I got a first look at the 1700 update which is the latest build version of Windows 10. Some interesting new features and improvements which I will update here on the blog very soon. As we have explained in previous posts, Windows 10 is unlike any other operating system to date. The OS will […]

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