Adobe Illustrator 1920 x 1080 on startup every time

Illustrator – Open Blank Canvas 1920px x 1080px on Launch

In Adobe Illustrator, if you are working with graphics for screen or web use, the default presets are limited.

In this article, we’ll show you the quickest way of opening a new file to any desired pixel ratio that you prefer working with. In this post we’ll use 1920px x 1080px which is perfect for working with screen layouts for video editing or PowerPiont.

We are going to use the “New From Template” (Shift + Crtl + N) which you can access from File / .

Time needed: 1 minute

Illustrator – Open Canvas To Any Size On Startup

  1. Create A Blank File

    Initially, go ahead and create a blank file manually using the pixel dimensions that you like.

  2. File / Save as Template

    Now when you attempt to save the, file in the preselected directory, you will likely be denied permissions. Instead save it somewhere else (such as in Documents). Name it something like 1920_1080

  3. Copy File Into Template Folder

    Locate the file on your computer and copy it. It has to be pasted into the destination for templates.
    Browse into C: drive \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Illustrator \ Cool Extras \ en_GB \ Templates
    Paste your file into Templates folder. (User Account Control will ask you to confirm that it’s safe)

  4. Illustrator – New From Template

    Next time you open Illustrator, quickly go to File / New From Template (Shift + Ctrl + N). Your template will be right there.

Time Saving

It really depends what you are using Illustrator for. Generally the preset defaults are fine for working with scalable vector graphics. However if your job involves exporting selected canvas as an actual rasterized graphic to a particular dimension, this will save you setting up manually every time.


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