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Video Blog – Fake Microsoft Virus Scam

The Fake Microsoft Virus Scam This old chestnut is doing the rounds again and we are seeing an increase in users falling victim to this scam. The original scam basically involved scammers calling you up pretending to be Microsoft, taking control of your computer and implanting malware and locking you out until you make payment […]

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W10 Keyboard Language Settings

Over the last few weeks we have seen a few cases of Windows keyboard language settings changing to US instead of UK. The only real difference you’ll notice is that your @ and ” are the wrong way around. Quick Fix Click on ENG letters at the bottom of your screen next to the clock. […]

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Old Legacy Windows Games On Windows 10

FAQ: Can I Get The Old Windows Games On Windows 10? The Windows 10 Store has thousands of games to download. Many of them completly free. However, to my surprise, a question that I get asked very frequently is whether it’s possible to load the old versions of some of the classic legacy games featured […]

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Getting W10 Is Like Getting A New Car

A quick post to publish my opinion on the free upgrade to Windows 10 as we enter the last 60 days of the offer. I am regularly asked advice as to whether or not it’s worth accepting the offer of a free upgrade. This is my view My opinion is yes, take it. Because I […]

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Windows 10 Forced Upgrade is in the post!

OK we have known for a while that Microsoft will eventually roll out the forced upgrade to systems running Windows 7 & Windows 8.1. They have started to roll this out gradually so whether you opted not to take the upgrade or postpone til later, you may soon have no choice as your computer will […]

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Solved: HP Laptop Audio Not Working With Headphones

Some models of HP laptops including HP ProBooks come preinstalled with a DTS audio control panel which has known glitches with Windows 10 if the computer has been upgraded from another operating system. Problem Summary The issue is that the inbuilt speakers work OK. But when connecting headphones in to the jack socket the audio […]

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Windows 10 DVD Drive Missing

Help, Support & Tutorials A small glitch with Windows 10 that we are starting to see in the repair shop is that the DVD drive on computers seems to disappear. I am not yet sure of the cause of this but there is a quick fix. Click Start (the flag) and type Troubleshooting. Select Troubleshooting from the […]

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