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Why I decided to put adverts on the website

For the first time in almost 20 years, I have decided to add banner adverts to this web site. In this article I’ll briefly explain why. Monetisation The industry term is “monetisation” (or monetization in American spelling). To monetise (or monetize) a website simply means that the website will generate it’s own small income by […]

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We’ve Moved

This is an open letter to all of our retail customers over the years and explain the direction that I have decided to take the business. After almost 20 years trading in Portland Street, Computroon has now moved. Moved Where? I have moved away from retail to focus more on services. We have always been […]

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Glasgow Taxis Outing to Troon 2017

This year’s date for the trip is Wednesday 21 June 2017 It’s almost that time again to welcome the Glasgow Taxis to Troon. This year (2017) will be the 72nd year as this annual trip has run since 1945. The Route The taxis will leave Kelvin Way in Glasgow (just behind Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum), […]

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Summer’s Here – BBQ Speaker Promo

The summer is here, the sun is shining (sometimes). Promo clip for BBQ Speakers. They are actually Bluetooth speakers that work all year round but as it’s BBQ season we’ll market them as BBQ speakers!         Subscribe to the Computroon YouTube Channel by clicking the red button that say’s subscribe over on

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Product Video Review – BT Halo

Product Review – BT Halo The new Halo is much more than a cordless phone. If you have poor mobile phone reception in your house or at your office, this could be the answer to your problems. The inclusion of Bluetooth technology means that you can avoid mobile signal dropouts as you walk around the […]

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Telephone Scam Alert – Sky TV

The telephone scams which appear to be run from South-East Asia have evolved into many different forms. The latest that we are hearing from our customers seem to be moving away from the usual “This is Microsoft calling”, or “this is TalkTalk” claiming to fix problems with your computer or internet. In the shop we […]

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Coaxial Extension Cables Made To Order

If you need to move your Virgin Media internet router or your Sky TV box, let us save you the trouble of making coaxial extension leads or buying pre-made leads and having to roll up the excess cable that is left over. Simply measure out the distance in metres and we will make the correct size […]

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Video Blog: How We Destroy Old Hard Drives

Here’s a video blog of how we securely destroy your old Hard Drives before disposing of them. Every week, once we have transferred data from old computers and laptops onto new computers, I get asked to securely dispose of the old drives. This Is How We Securely Dispose Of Your Old Hard Drive This is a little “behind […]

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Support: KB – blizzard

Fix For – No Internet Access IP Problem There is no name to this bug so we have code named it “blizzard” to provide help and support to our customers that have purchased computers and call for support. “Blizzard” is just a unique keyword that will help you find this help file when searching our […]

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