Our Handy Home Page Has Been Upgraded

Many years ago, at Computroon I created a home landing page for our customers that includes some handy links to local information, email servers, banks, news, sport, etc.

Handy home page old

Over the years, I have pretty much left the page alone because familiarity is key. The simplicity of the layout seems to be popular.

Stats for October 2020 show us that the page is used by over 3000 unique users every day as a landing page when they open their internet browser.

The Switch To HTTPS

Around 2016, we switched our server over to SSL secure. The little padlock thing at the top of the browser.

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS meant that information was better encrypted for security. Without going too far into the technicalities of SSL, we have noticed on the stats that around 20% of users were still using the old http version. Hence the reason that you may have had a notice on your browser saying “Not Secure”.

The time has come to remove all of the old http non-secure pages from the server. I will trigger a redirect on the server on the old pages which will automatically move you to the new and safer page.

Changes To The New Page

The new page will display as secure (with the padlock) as it meets modern web standards.

  • The old drop-down jump links have gone. Now you can access the drop down links and have the option to right-click on a link and open in a new tab.
  • Google search. To search Google, simply hit onto the the Google logo. Searching from within the page like before is no longer allowed on Google’s terms of use.
  • News at a glance. At the foot of the page there are live news feeds. I will develop this further once I have had some feedback.
  • Cookie consent. On first load you may be asked to consent to the use of cookies. This is normal web standard.
  • Mobile compatibility. The new page will load and display better on smartphones and tablets.

What You Have To Do

Nothing. You don’t have to do anything. The server will force redirect you to the new page.

If you are familiar with changing your home page settings on your browser, you could go ahead and update the settings. Here is the new URL to paste in to Settings under both sections of Appearance & On Startup.


However, don’t worry, the server will redirect you if you still have the old link saved.

Feedback Welcome

We want to make this a safe and familiar landing page when you open your internet browser. If you have any suggestions for links that you’d like included, please get in touch by email.

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