Clipboard History the new way to copy and paste

The New Way To Copy & Paste In Windows 10

Copy & Paste. It’s a feature that most of us use day in, day out. Select the text or image you want to copy, right-click, copy, then right-click and paste wherever you want the data to land. Or by using the old keyboard shortcuts Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste.

Frustration With The Old Method

The flaw has always been that you can only paste the last thing that you actually copied.

Sometimes. Not always, but sometimes, wouldn’t it be great if we could paste multiple items from our clipboard. When filling in forms or entering details into software that is repetitive. We have to go back to the source and copy the next bit and repeat.

Introducing Clipboard History

Microsoft introduced a new feature within a 2020 update to Windows 10 that now allows us to copy multiple items at once. Then paste them using a feature called Clipboard History.

However this feature is not auto-enabled. You have to enable it.

How To Enable & Use Windows 10 Clipboard History

How To Enable & Use Windows 10 Clipboard History

  1. Enable Clipboard History Feature

    Go to Settings / System / Clipboard. Switch slider to Clipboard History – On

    How to enable Clipboard History

  2. To Use Clipboard History

    Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl & C to copy or Crtl & V to paste as normal. To paste items stored in the clipboard history, use Windows Key & V instead or Ctrl V.

Additional Benefits

There are many benefits of having Clipboard History enabled. These include…

Being able to sync your clipboard over multiple devices on your account.

Pin commonly used clipboard items for repetitive use.

Speed up your workflow by being able to paste multiple items without having to return to the source.

Video Tutorial

Here is our video demonstration of Clipboard History in use.

Another Way To Enable Clipboard History

As default, Clipboard History is not enabled in Windows 10.

As well as the correct method listed above (Settings / System / Clipbard / Enable). You can quickly enable this feature by pressing Windows Key + V.

Windows Key and V

This will bring up the box as pictured below which will allow you to click “Turn On”.

In The Interest Of Security

If using this feature, we would advise against storing (or pinning) passwords or other sensitive information within your clipboard.

This has always been good advice whether you are using the Clipboard History feature or not. If copying passwords or sensitive data, always clear your clipboard straight after use.

Additional (Useless) Fact

Ever wondered…

Why the keyboard shortcut for “paste” is the letter V?

Two reasons.

  1. It’s next to C (for copy) so makes the process quick & simple.
  2. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl & P was already in use (it’s the shortcut to Print) before copy and paste was a thing.