Auto-Start Programs On Startup

How To Autorun Programs On Startup In Windows 10

There may be a reason that you wish to automatically load a program or files to run when Windows 10 starts.

Here are the instructions.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Make A Program or File Run When Windows Starts

  1. Open the Run dialog.

    To do this either right-click on the Start Menu flag and left-click Run. Or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key & R.

  2. In The Run box, type & OK shell:startup

    Entering shell:startup in the Run dialog will open the Windows Start-up folder. Leave this folder open for now.

  3. Copy The Program That You Want To Add To Startup

    Find the program or file that you’d like autorun. Right-click on the Program or file and click “Open File Location”.

  4. Copy & Paste the File Icon Into Startup Folder

    Right-click the file icon, copy. Go to the Startup Folder. Right-click and Paste.

  5. That’s It

    Whenever you boot your computer up, the desired program will run. To remove it from startup, simply repeat above steps and delete the item from the Startup folder.

Video Version

Here is the video version of these instructions.

Why Add Programs To Startup?

Normally we focus on removing programs from auto-starting. However there are many scenarios in which you may want to auto-run particular files or programs.

Mostly for professional use such as work or business. This can be useful if your system must be access remotely via remote desktop. If you have a booking or appointment software package that you want to autostart when the system is launched, or if you use your PC to monitor CCTV. This can be useful to autorun if the system loses power when unattended.

This can be useful to auto-start a music program if you have background music, or if you use the computer to display video promotional content, simply add a shortcut to the video file or music playlist.

Other Methods Of Auto Starting Programs

Some software packages have the ability to auto-run when Windows starts. This is usually in the form of a tickbox within Settings or Preferences within the software itself.

How To Stop Programs Starting Automatically

  1. Right-click on a blank area of your taskbar and open Task Manager.
  2. Click – More details
  3. Within the Start-up Tab, select and disable programs that you do not wish to auto-load when Windows starts.