Why I decided to put adverts on the website

For the first time in almost 20 years, I have decided to add banner adverts to this web site.

In this article I’ll briefly explain why.


The industry term is “monetisation” (or monetization in American spelling). To monetise (or monetize) a website simply means that the website will generate it’s own small income by displaying adverts.

Subtle Banner Ads

Some websites overdo the use of advertising which ends up making them look very spammy.  I have been quite selective in the positioning of the banner adverts which will be contained within the sidebar sections of the pages. Therefore regular visitors to this site won’t find them intrusive or get in the way of any information that you are looking for.

Why Now?

The site is reaching a far wider audience than before.

What A Difference A Blog Makes

Early 2014, I introduced the Blog section of this website. The initial idea was to provide customers with shop news, product reviews and some help & support articles.

Since introducing the blog section, without realising, a knowledge-base of information has built up. All searchable on Google. The traffic (hits) on the site has multiplied and continues to grow each month. On average before the blog we were hitting around 2,000 unique visitors every month, which is quite good for a local shop. Now (Aug 2018) the site is averaging 30,000 unique visitors p/m and climbing.

As an example, there is an article that I posted about a certain brand of laptop cutting out the power in your house. This article alone (written in 2015) pulls 2,000+ hits p/m.

Or put in a Google search such as “Display Stretched After Windows 10 Update”, it’s one of our old video help tutorials that shows first globally.

Therefore the site is now serving help and information globally, not just to my regular and local customers.

Happy To Help

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t begrudge helping and providing answers to technical questions. It’s fantastic to occasionally receive messages from all around the world to say that they found a particular piece of information helpful. So if you are reading this in … Indonesia, Argentina or wherever you are around the world… thanks for clicking and stopping by, we are glad to have you.

Ads Up

But with extra web traffic, comes extra server costs. So now is the right time to put adverts onto the site and let the web site pay for itself.

Let’s be honest, it’s not that big a deal. We browse the internet every day and are faced with advertising galore. We live with it. I’m not the BBC. Although if the BBC were allowed, don’t think for a minute that their sites wouldn’t be full of adverts.

So there we are, a brief explanation as to why you are suddenly seeing sponsored ads on the Computroon site for the first time since it was launched in 1999.

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