How to remove printer stuck on “Removing Device”

How to force delete a printer (to reinstall)

  1. Clear Print Queue
  2. Stop Spooler
  3. Delete from Device Manager
  4. Remove (and reinstall)

Solved: You want to remove your printer either via the Windows 10 Settings or the old fashioned way, through Control Panel. But you cannot remove printer. The printer won’t delete. In some cases the wording “Removing Device” appear but nothing happens.

Here are the detailed steps to follow to resolve this issue.

Step 1

Clear the print queue. If there are print jobs queued up in the Print Queue, select all, right click and cancel / delete all of these.

Step 2

Stop the Spooler. To do this open Run (Windows key + R) type services.msc find and double click Print Spoolers in the list, when the properties box opens click Stop.

Step 3

Open Device Manager. Under Print Queue, find the printer listed and right-click delete or uninstall.

Still within Device Manager, at the top of Device Manager, click View and Show Hidden Files.

Find your Printer listed under printers, right-click and remove.

Step 4

Head to Control Panel / Hardware & Sound / Devices & Printers and now try and remove your printer. (Right-click, remove device).


Now Reboot. Do not attempt to Add Printer again until after you have restarted your computer.

If this doesn’t work, run the utility batch file to clear the spoolers. Once the batch file has completed it’s reset procedure, follow the above steps again.

Here is the link with instructions and video tutorial, to the article about downloading and running the batch fixit file.

Hopefully these steps will save you a lot of time attempting various other fixes on the internet that don’t always work.

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