How to Clear Space On HP Stream or any 32GB Laptop

These are the methods to free up space on HP Stream 32GB Notebook. (or any similar laptop with 32GB storage drive).

  1. Run Disk Cleanup Advanced (instructions included here).
  2. Clear Your Downloads Folder
  3. Run Treesize
  4. Delete Hiberfil.sys
  5. If All Of These Fail – Format
  6. Failing that – bin


1. Run Disk Cleanup Advanced

Open File Explorer. Right-click on this PC and take Properties. Click Disk Cleanup, then Clean Up System Files. Tick everything and OK.

2. Clear Your Downloads Folder

If it’s in your Downloads folder, it can be downloaded again. Bin the lot.

3. Run Treesize

Treesize will map out your drive to see what’s eating the space. Only data within folders in Users/ unless you are sure what you are doing. Link to download Treesize Free.

4. Delete Hiberfil.sys

Advanced users only. If you understand what hiberfil.sys files are, then proceed. Here is an earlier video that I have produced explained how to clear Hibersys files.

Here is link to an earlier post about cleaning Hibersys (with video demo)

5. If All Of These Fail – Format.

A good old fashioned – wipe it and start again.

Be advised that weirdly, when formatting an HP Stream the touch pad doesn’t work. The IO drivers go in after the operating system so you’ll need a mouse.

6. Failing that – bin.

Easier said than done. Unfortunately binning these items isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Normally you’d remove the hard drive and dispose of the unit, but with these computers, there is no hard drive. To ensure that your data is removed you will need to open it up and smash to bits with a hammer.

Video Demonstrating Disk Cleanup


Rant Time

Firstly, it appears unfair that we have singled out the HP Stream in the title of this article. All of the mainstream manufacturers produce these low-end computers. And you can’t blame them. There is demand for cheap. They are only supplying the demand. Cheap.


Fact: 32GB is not enough space to work the current version of Windows. I’ve heard the sales pitch of – “these are cloud computers”, “all your files are safe on the cloud and don’t get stored locally on the machine”.

Nonsense. A system running Windows, doesn’t fit on a 32GB device. Unless of course you are ready to put the time in maintaining the thing and managing the space.

Some “experts” will argue that Windows only takes 16GB of space. This leaves half of the drive free. Wrong.

32GB of storage actually means you have 29GB of storage as computer storage is measured in bytes .The operating system, the apps, the programs will collectively build up cache temp files that will eat away at the space.

I have just installed Windows 10 on an HP Stream. Then ran a Disk Clean Up. A fresh install of the latest version leaves less than 10GB free space.

This space will simply run-out over time. Conclusion is the 32GB just isn’t enough space for a device running Windows.





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