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Print Spooler Refresher.

What is this?

If your print spooler settings and cache get into a mess or get clogged up this tool which can be downloaded from this page will reset and clear many problems relating to printer errors.

What Type Of File Is This?

This is called a “batch exe” which means when you run it, it will execute a series of commands on your computer to clear the print spooler and hopefully resolve problems.

Is It Safe?

This is a short piece of code which is completely safe and will do no harm to your computer. However some Internet Security programs will alert you that this file type can be harmful. If they warn you that this file is unsafe just click allow to grant it permissions to run.

Your internet security is right to warn you of the dangers of batch exe’s. Malicious pieces of code used to be carried in these type of files. But in this case, it’s fine, all safe.

Windows 10 Won’t Let This File Run

It will if you click “More Info” and “Run Anyway“.

This fixit tool has been made to fix your printer. We haven’t bothered having it digitally signed and approved by Microsoft.

How To Run The Tool.

Click below on the zip folder to download (or right click and Save as..)

Locate the downloaded zip file and extract.

Right click on the batch exe file and “Run as Administrator”. Confirm Yes and the fixit will run.

I’ve put a picture below of how the batch exe file will look once you’ve extracted it from the zip container folder.

Here’s a quick video demo how to download and run this tool from this page.

How long will the fix take?

Depending on the speed of your computer, when you have clicked “Run as Administrator” it should take anything between 0.5 and 2 seconds to complete.

All done – printer fixed. You’re welcome.


Download Now


















Once extracted from the zip folder, here's what the file looks like that you will Right Click and run as Administrator

Once extracted from the zip folder, here’s what the file looks like that you will Right Click and run as Administrator













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