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Team Computroon At Bullguard Raceday

Well it’s Bullguard Raceday down in Bedford.

mark0013rd August 2016

Racing for Computroon we have sent Mark down to compete.

Mark is on holiday this week, so as he is down visiting his family there, we have entered him into the Raceday with Bullguard.

What they don’t realise is that Mark used to work for Formula 3000 when he was younger. So with his experience we have high hopes of him winning something!

So good luck Mark. (no pressure but if you don’t win – don’t come back ha).


The day is organised by Bullguard Internet Security. We aren’t quite sure how it works (tbh). But Mark will get to race some high performance cars (pictured below) on the Palmer Sport Bedford Autodrome.

Good luck Mark.

Our thanks to Target Components & Bullguard for inviting us to this event.

We’ll get some clips up on our Youtube channel and pictures up on our Facebook & Twitter channels as the day goes on.

















Here are the first photos coming through from Mark at Palmer Sport Racetrack.











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