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Yahoo Hack – What To Do Now?

Yahoo, BT and Sky Customers Advised To Attend To Security Now

Following the high-profile Yahoo hack which has made news headlines, we have been inundated with calls about what to do next.

The scale of the security breech is yet unknown as investigations continue but we can provide a few quick tips to users of Yahoo email. (which includes anyone with an or account as both of these ISP’s use the Yahoo engine to power their email services).

Change Your Passwords

The first tip is the obvious, change your password.

Do Not click on a link within an email that suggests that you change your password. Do it yourself.

The link within an email could be a scam, by clicking it and entering your details, all you will do is send your login details off to the scammers.

Find the SETTINGS icon

To change your password login to your Yahoo (BT or Sky) webmail and look for “Account Security” and change password. This can be found from the menu icon.

Be On Your Guard From Telephone Scammers

The TalkTalk hacks over the last couple of years resulted in customers receiving phone calls from Phishing scammers.

To cut a long story short – if you receive a telephone call from Yahoo, BT or Sky offering assistance in securing your account, beware. It’s probably a scammer.

Rethink The Method Of Choosing A Password

I was going to include details of choosing a new password within this blog post but decided it’d be a better idea to create a dedicated post about selecting passwords.

So here is the link to that dedicated post….

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