How To Pick A New Password

Tips On Choosing A Strong Password

Creating a password is all about encryption. In recent years encryption standards have risen. Which explains why most organisations insist on using at least 8 characters and some insist on including a capital letter.

I won’t go too far into the differences between hexadecimal, AES 128 bit encryption etc. But here is a brief explanation of how encryption levels have moved on.

Just a few years ago, WiFi routers used numeric encryption as passwords. This was quickly exposed as insecure because decryption-software hack tools could decode the passwords within hours.

By using letters this would take similar software months to decrypt. Add a mixture of uppercase/ lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, this would take years for a high power computer to decode.

Change your password every year – and you should be OK.

So, how do you go about picking a new password…


Include your street address, names of relatives, date of birth, anniversary dates, pet names… etc, etc, etc.

Be random.

Great passwords would be things like:


But these are no good for every day use. There isn’t a chance that you’d be able to remember these.

Instead use a combination of two random things to remember. Random things that only you can trigger.

I’ll use the example of “Star Wars” and “Gardening”.

So here are some examples of how you could pull random information from these two completely random things.

  • 5wArsgreenhoose
  • ob1Wantatties
  • dartHcarrot5
  • 4444skywalkerRose
  • weed7Vader

All we have done here is pick two random subjects. Not relating to yourself whatsoever. Throw in a capital (noT as the first letter) and a number.

In the example I’ve used: If hacking software detects that you have used the word “Darth” it will run through every combination of “Vader”. It will take years for it to decode the word “carrot5”.

So get random, get thinking. Pick 2 random things and a number.

Fashion : Fish
Insects: Television
Politics: Music
Literature: Cars

Fashion: Fish – versaceC0d

Nothing to do with you in there. Your children’s names, your street address, nothing. All you have to remember is fashion fish and the o is a “zero”.

Get random – get secure.

Password Generators

Online password generators are great for creating very highly encrypted passwords. The benefit being that they can never be guessed. The only downside is they are impossible to remember. However I do recommend using password generators.

Give this a try now: