System Builds Without DVD As Standard

All desktop and gaming PCs that we sell are built onsite. The time has come to stop adding DVD drives to systems as standard.

dvd_drivesDVD drives can always be easily added to systems but now as an optional extra. This may come as a surprise to some, but unless you still burn CD’s to play audio or watch films on DVD, there is little use for this media format now.

Software & drivers are all downloaded now. Even using a disc to install a printer is considered bad practice as you are always better to download the install files from the manufacturer’s website to make sure that the software version is the latest that includes updates and bug fixes.

DVD writers are not expensive, and can be added for an additional £14.

So Why Not Just Keep Adding Them As Standard?

A good few years ago when we stopped installing Floppy Disk Drives as standard, the initial reaction was along the lines of “How can you use a computer without a floppy disk drive”?

Well the same now applies with the optical drive format.

Laptops have been heading the same way for some time now. We are seeing a rising percentage of brand new laptops coming onto the market without the optical drive. Most that I source for the shop from suppliers for now still have the DVD drive.