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How to get the Minecraft Update Nether 1.16 2020

The update for Minecraft was released on 23/6/20. If your iPad doesn’t take the update automatically, follow these steps. Close all apps and power-off the iPad for 1 minute. Power on and launch the App Store Find Minecraft of the search. If it asks for £6.99 even although you have already paid for it… click […]

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Why I decided to put adverts on the website

For the first time in almost 20 years, I have decided to add banner adverts to this web site. In this article I’ll briefly explain why. Monetisation The industry term is “monetisation” (or monetization in American spelling). To monetise (or monetize) a website simply means that the website will generate it’s own small income by […]

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Tip To Save Mobile Data

Cut Down On Excess Mobile Data Charges Most mobile phone contracts allow you to use a certain amount of mobile data. If you exceed the allowance, you can expect quite an increase in your bill. Options There is the option to switch off mobile data on your device and only switch it on when you […]

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Glasgow Taxis 2018 Photos

Here are just a few photos of the Glasgow Taxis arriving in Troon on 20th June 2018. I was unable to provide a live feed this year but will sort something out for next year. Today though I was able to take my kids into the town and wave in the taxis. The turn out […]

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Taxi Day 2018

It’s Taxi Day Wednesday 20th June 2018 For the 73rd year the Glasgow Taxis will coming to Troon. No matter what the weather throws at us, it’s time to get out there wherever you can to line the streets and welcome the kids, drivers & volunteers into town on the annual outing. The drivers and […]

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World Cup 2018 Spreadsheet

OK we’re (Scotland) not actually going again, but this web find is a must if you will be following the World Cup in Russia. There are loads of sites offering a wall chart to download and print out, but I’ve come across an excellent alternative, which is a World Cup wallchart schedule in Excel Spreadsheet […]

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GDPR Blah Blah

It’s GDPR Deadline Day. The 25th May 2018 is the date for new EU General Data Protection Regulations to take effect. Your inbox’s must be bursting with emails from companies desperate to hang on to your data, but by doing so without your confirmed consent means that these companies could face hefty fines and penalties. […]

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Bullguard Internet Security

Computroon is an official partner of Bullguard Internet Security. This is one of very few products that we still carry in stock since switching from retail to services back in 2017. For customers within Troon and surrounding areas, I simply deliver to your door whenever you require your Bullguard renewal or first time purchase. The […]

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Quick Tips – W10 Calculator

Quick Tips The aim of Quick Tips is to highlight features within Windows 10 that you may not have discovered. Today we look at the calculator. Let’s not get over excited about a calculator but this is now a handy little desktop utility which is worthy of pinning to your taskbar. The calculator can now […]

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