Support: Re-Install Bullguard

Reasons for running a fresh install of Bullguard Internet Security may include resetting the Firewall rules back to default, updating to the latest user interface version or resolving any issues.

To reinstall a fresh copy but retain user login details could not be simpler.

Here are the steps to run a clean installation without the need to login or reactivate.

If you have Bullguard Internet Security already installed, a clean install can be run by downloading the program from Bullguard’s website.

1. Go to (link will open in a new window)

2. Look for the link as pictured below that suggests you install a 60 day free trial.


3. Follow the instructions when you run the file. Bullguard installer will detect that you already have a subscription and will update to the latest version. Once your computer restarts it will already be activated and re synced  with your account.

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