What Difference Has GDPR Made?

Writing this article 4 months after the introduction of GDPR data protection laws were introduced, we look at the difference it has made.

On the 25th May 2018, the EU brought in GDPR. The biggest shake-up in data protection laws for decades.

Less Junk Email Is Noticeable

You may not have noticed but the amount of junk email that you receive on a daily basis should have dramatically reduced.

If you still receive unwanted email from legitimate companies, there is a link at the bottom of the email which should clearly say Unsubscribe. By clicking this you should be automatically removed from that mailing list.

Previously these unsubscribe links often failed, but companies are now terrified of the huge fines and penalties that they could face if they are found to breach GDPR laws. If you unsubscribe to unwanted emails from legitimate companies but continue to receive unwanted mail from them, drop them a brief email and simply mention the term GDPR. You will not hear from them again.

Stay Subscribed

However, if you don’t mind receiving mail from certain companies, consider this. Stay subscribed to companies that you know, use and trust. Otherwise this could cost jobs.

Only Unsubscribe From Companies You Know

You have to beware of rogue companies and phishing scams. The ones that say you are due for a tax rebate or “click here” because your account is going to be suspended. These are phishing scams. You should never follow the links or reply to these. Instead, mark them as spam and add to block senders list if they are persistent.

Physical Junk Mail

Since the GDPR laws were introduced, as well as a drop in junk email, you should also notice a significant drop in physical junk mail. (yes old fashioned junk mail that gets put through your front door by the postman).

You will still receive leaflet distribution services that get put through all the letterboxes, but actual junk mail that is either addressed to you, or addresses to someone that lived in the house 10 years ago.

Again this is due to the fact that legitimate companies are terrified of the consequences of breaching laws and facing the huge penalties.

Physical mailing lists do not have follow the same strict consent laws of email marketing but most companies are still very wary of using direct mailing.


This uncertainty though may appear to be great news because you don’t have as much physical junk mail to dispose. On the downside of this, Royal Mail are reporting a huge drop in business. This is one of the contributing factors being blamed for Royal Mail share prices plummeting.

To Conclude

GDPR laws may appear to have a positive effect, but just four months in, there is talk of the price of stamps and postage increasing again and even the loss of thousands of jobs within the postal service. Not good.


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