Telephone Scam Alert – Can You Hear Me?

Phone Rings – Pause – Can You Hear Me?

The “can you hear me” scam is currently sweeping the UK.

Here’s how this scam works.

Your phone rings (home or mobile). You answer it and there is a pause. Then you hear the voice saying “can you hear me”?, and again “can you hear me”?

You say “yes”, then again “yes”.

Boom – you have been scammed.

This works by recording your voice and later manipulating the recording into another call by having you agree to a verbal contract.

The scam comes in various forms, from fake PC help callers, travel or timeshare callers, insurance and claims, etc.

How To Avoid Telephone Scams

Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. (even with regional dialling codes).

If you receive a call and the caller asks to take you “through security” by confirming your postcode, date of birth, anything. Hang up.

These are Vishing calls. The information will be used at a later date to convince you that the scammer is genuine.



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