Windows 10 Update 1809 Autumn 2018

It’s that time again, twice yearly Microsoft release a big update to the Windows 10 OS.

This update (1809) has started rolling out mid-November 2018.

Although now as major as the Spring 1803 update, there are a few new features which will be included.

Key features:

Dark / Light Theme.

May not be very exciting for most but the new dark & light theme options actually look pretty good.

Your Phone

This feature is still in development but looks like the eventual aim is to integrate your mobile phone further with your computer. Allowing access to texts, photos etc.

System Font Sizes

The ability to change system font sizes was previously in Windows but was removed. Well now that’s back.

OneDrive Clean-Up

New tools available to manage your cloud storage space.

Snip & Sketch

This is a screenshot tool which has enhancements that allow you to screenshot just an active window. Not that big a deal as the ability has always been there to do that by holding Alt key and pressing Print Screen.

Search Enhancements

When searching for something on the system using Search, there is now a wider area in the results with additional options such as “Run as administrator”. Again not a huge deal as previously we just right-clicked the item.

The Good News

Control Panel (the old version of CP) hasn’t been binned yet. It’s days are numbered in favour of the new app style settings controls but Control Panel has survived another major release.


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