Windows 11 Leaked?

Windows 11 Leaked Before Being Announced

At the time of writing this article, there is no official word from Microsoft that Windows 11 is on the way. However all the signs are in place ahead of a big announcement on June 24th 2021.

Is The Leaked Version Real?

There is a leaked version of the ISO (the installation file) doing the rounds on the internet. There are many questions surrounding this leaked version of Windows 11.

  • Has the file been leaked intentionally?
  • Is it even genuine?
  • If it’s genuine, how did this happen?

Clues To The Announcement Of Windows 11

In the leaked version of this ISO, there is a clue within some of the design elements that have the outline shape of the number 11.

The major announcement from Microsoft on the 24th June will take place at exactly 11am ET.

Microsoft have just announced that 2025 will be End-of-life for Windows 10. Source link. The retirement date for Windows 10 is 10/14/2025.

As soon as the news spread around the internet about this leaked version of Windows 11, Microsoft Windows themselves tweeted “This is just the Start”.

What’s In The New Version

If this version is real, if it is genuine, the system looks like it will include quite a few changes. Such as a redesigned Start Menu. The Start icon itself, becoming grouped and centralised very much like the Apple OS.

Wasn’t Windows 10 The Final Release?

The articles about Windows 10 being the final ever version of Windows have disappeared from the Microsoft pages. This too, a further clue that the new version will be announced soon.

More on this story to follow… as we await actual word from Microsoft.

Preview Of Windows 11

Whether it’s genuine or not, here is a preview of the leaked ISO circulating the internet.

Video from a YouTube content creator called Michael MJD