Netflix on Sky Stream hangs at 20%

Sky Stream Stuck On 20% – Solved

5 Ways To Fix Sky Stream (or Sky Glass) When It Hangs Loading Netflix

Here are 5 methods of fixing the common issue of Sky Stream hanging on loading Netflix. These fixes also apply to Sky Q & Sky Glass.

Problem: Netflix Hangs On Loading

When Netflix opens, all appears to be working fine until you actually attempt to load a TV show or film.

At this point the system hangs on 20% (or other).

Here 5 steps to resolve this issue.

Fix 1

Sign-out and sign in again to Netflix

Signing out and back in again to Netflix can often resolve this issue.

To do so, open Netflix and enter one of the profiles. Navigate to the left and down. On the bottom right of the screen you will see “Get Help”.

From here you can sign out of your Netflix. Simply sign back in again and check if the problem is fixed.

To sign out of Netflix, navigate to "Get Help".
Sign-out Netflix

Fix 2

Refresh Apps In Sky

In Sky Stream (Glass), press Home and scroll right to the bottom. From here you will find Settings.

Within Settings, open System Management, then open Resets & updates.

This is where you will be able to Refresh apps. This process will refresh all of your apps, making sure that your system has the very latest updated versions of apps installed.

On completion, test you Netflix to see if the problem has resolved.

Sky Stream - System Management
Sky Stream (Glass) Refresh apps

Fix 3

Network Connection Troubleshooting

Sky Stream (& Sky Glass) user interface does not allow you to run a network speed test. However if you open Netflix app and enter into the Get help section in Netflix, there is an option to check your internet connection speed. Open Get Help and scroll down and select Check your network.

This will take a few seconds to load and will return an accurate measurement of the download speed that your device currently has.

If the signal is weak (lower than 15 Mbps) you may have to consider repositioning your router, installing a booster, connecting with a network cable or upgrading your speed from your internet service provider.

However, please note that if all other TV channels load without any issue and it’s only Netflix that experiences this issue, then upgrading your connection is unlikely to solve this problem.

Fix 4

Sign-out Netflix On Other Devices

If you are currently signed in to Netflix on other devices such as other TV’s in the house, smartphones or iPads.

Either switch these devices off temporarily or sign-out of Netflix on these devices.

This will rule out the issue of you exceeding the amount of devices that you are allowed to watch at one time on your plan.

Fix 5

Reboot Sky Box (Q, Stream or Glass) & Router

The old “switch it off and back on again” advice is only effective if carried out correctly. To reboot Sky, pull the thin power cable out of the back of your Sky box. Do the same with your router. Leave for at least 2 minutes before reconnecting them.

Please note that by simply switch off at the mains doesn’t have the same effect because these devices may use power transformers which means that it’ll hold a low level of power and will maintain it’s memory.

Kill the power by removing the actual power cable from the back of the boxes.

Once the router and Sky box are reconnected to the power, they may take a further couple of minutes to restart fully.

Rebooting the router in this way means that the router will reassign new IP numbers. Furthermore it will scan the channel frequencies for the best channel to deliver the Wifi.

Further Troubleshooting & Reporting

If none of the above fixes resolve the problem, you will have to call Sky Support to report the problem. The technician on the phone will likely run through all of the above steps.

Before calling, have a log of when this issue occurred. Date and time logs of when this problem occurred may be helpful to the technician when troubleshooting this problem.

By doing this you may also discover that the problem occurs at the same time every day or night. This will help Sky Support team to fix the problem.

Sky Telephone Support Number 0333 7591 018 or log in to your account online and request help.

You may find further troubleshooting advice and “live chat” to support useful on this link: