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Windows 10 Forced Upgrade is in the post!

OK we have known for a while that Microsoft will eventually roll out the forced upgrade to systems running Windows 7 & Windows 8.1.

They have started to roll this out gradually so whether you opted not to take the upgrade or postpone til later, you may soon have no choice as your computer will upgrade anyway.

Here’s what we know at the moment: This forced upgrade will only apply to versions of Windows Home. Professional (Windows Pro) versions will not automatically upgrade.

My Advice

Install the upgrade. It’s free. It’s better. It’s more secure. It’s easier to use.

Systems evolve and improve. You will get used to the changes in layout in no time.

Don’t Blame W10

If anything does go wrong sometime after upgrading, it may not be the fault of Windows 10. Since July 2015 Windows 10 has been getting the blame for a lot of things. It’s almost as though computers didn’t have any problems or become infected with virus’s before.

However in the repair shop there have been very few cases of computers malfunctioning as a direct result of having been upgraded to W10.


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