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Locky Virus Update – Disconnect External Drives

The new “Locky” virus acts in a similar way to other ransom-ware virus’. Your computer gets infected / your files are all encrypted / if you want your documents or photos back – pay the ransom. (usually a few hundred pounds).

locky virus

We now have a few machines brought in for repair having been hit with the Locky virus.

There is a risk that at the point of infection, all attached drives may also be infected / encrypted.

Normally this type of virus will encrypt all the files in the C: drive of your computer. What this means is – if you have an external hard drive attached to your computer at all times, these files may too be hit.

The advice for now is to connect external backup hard drives to back-up your files. Once complete, disconnect.

The source of this virus is still unknown. There are reports of the virus getting in through docx files in emails, carrying the subject line “invoice attached”.

Make sure your anti-virus software is all up to date and do not open emails that you are unsure of or not expecting.


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