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New Locky Ransomware Virus

A new virus known within the channel as “Locky” is causing major headaches to victims.

The virus will lock up all of your files and documents using AES encryption, before demanding that you pay a ransom to unlock and retrieve your files.

The virus behaves much like the famous Crypto-Locker virus from a couple of years agao.


The source appears to be from emails containing office documents with Macros enabled. If you receive any unexpected emails with subject lines such as “Invoice Attached” and the email suggests that you download a Word document to view the invoice (or any other document), this may contain harmful excecutionable files.


There is no way to recover your files once they have been encrypted. You could risk paying the ransom but you will probably lose your money as well as your files.


Do not download attachments that you are not expecting.

Do not open emails that you don’t recognize.

Backup your files regularly.

Ensure that you’re internet security is up to date.


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