Cursor Freezing HP Laptop

HP 15 Cursor Sticking After Windows Update

This support article relates to the problem of the touchpad or mouse appearing to freeze and stick following a Windows Update.

Problem Description

This problem has been seen to occur on HP 15 laptops. Models such as the 15-g259sa and similar.

Following a Windows Update, the cursor hangs and sticks either using a mouse or the touchpad.

Other issues may result in screen flickering or the computer freezing intermittently.

The root of the problem is not the Synaptics TouchPad driver as many would assume. Instead the problem lies with the graphics driver.

Systems running with AMD Radeon HD 8400 (such as A6-5200M with Radeon HD 8400) may receive a Windows Update that will install AMD Radeon HD 8400 r3 series drivers during a routine update. This causes major system problems as a mismatch occurs to drive the APU.

To fix this, we have to remove the updated driver and reinstall the original driver.

How To Fix

How To Reinstall Original Graphics Drivers

  1. Download The Original Driver.

    From the manufacturer’s support website, download the original driver and save it. Do not install yet.
    (For HP notebooks enter the serial number to find your support downloads page – here is the link to HP Support). (In some cases, if the cursor is freezing completely, you may have to do this on another computer and transfer the file on a USB drive. Uninstalling the problematic driver in Safe Mode).

  2. Disconnect The Internet

    Cut your internet connection to prevent Windows reinstalling the incorrect driver. On most HP computers, the wireless button is F12. See video below with quick instructions on how to disconnect and reconnect the internet on all Windows computers.

  3. Uninstall The Graphics Driver

    Open Device Manager (right-click on Start Menu). Expand Display Adapters. Right-click on AMD Radeon HD 8400 r3 series, click Uninstall. Tick the box to Delete the driver software. Reboot, still disconnected from the internet.

  4. Install Original Driver

    Run the original driver that you downloaded from the manufacturer in step 1. Reboot on completion.

  5. Reconnect The Internet

    Reconnect to the internet and check in Device Manager that the correct driver is now installed. In the case of the system used in this example, it should now read AMD Radeon HD 8400.

    Device Manager HP

Repair Complete

Instructions To Disconnect Internet

There are various ways to disconnect the internet temporarily. In this video we explain how to disable the internet in Device Manager. This method makes reconnecting easier and quicker once you have completed the changes to the drivers.

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