Create A Digital Signature Image File

Create A Digital Signature On Windows

Having a copy of your signature stored on your computer or laptop as an image, can be incredibly useful for signing PDF documents and some online forms.

There are various methods of getting your signature on to your computer without the need of signing paper forms and scanning the completed form back in to your computer to send back.

You could sign a piece of paper, take a photo of it, send it to your computer and edit in Photoshop.

But there is a far easier way. Without any additional software. These instructions will assume that you have a smart phone or tablet to hand.

Let’s Demonstrate The Easiest Method

Time needed: 1 minute.

How To Digitize My Signature

  1. Draw you signature on your phone or tablet.

    Open the web browser on your phone and go to

  2. Save it, Download it & Email it to yourself.

    Once you are happy, save & download the signature on your smart phone. Attach the file and email it to yourself.

  3. Open & Crop on the computer.

    Open the email on your computer. Download the attachment. Right-click the file and select “Open with… Paint”. Within Paint, select and crop the signature. Finally within Paint, click File / Save as, and save the signature for future use.
    (The reason that we use Paint, this will give the file a white background instead of transparent PNG).

Whenever you require your signature to fill in PDF forms, it is there for quick access. For instructions on filling & signing forms in Adobe Reader, here is a link to a video tutorial that I made a while ago called Fill and sign PDF forms in Adobe Reader.

Video Version On These Instructions:

Photography credit for cover image on this post: @kellysikkema