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Quick Tip – Remove Focused & Other From Outlook

If you use Outlook email, your inbox will have updated by now to the latest generation of the UI.

One of the new features is the hugely unpopular Focused & Other feature. The inbox splits itself in two and attempts to filter actual emails from people against automated emails such as advertising or social media alerts.

This would have been a useful feature a couple of years ago but since the introduction of GDPR data protection laws you should now be seeing less junk (advertising) emails anyway.

So lets reconfigure our Outlook inbox back to just one inbox.

Normally if I’m asked the same question a few times in a short space of time, it’s easier to create a video tutorial.

This hardly counts as a “video tutorial” as it should take you less than 20 seconds to complete.

So here’s the video to show you what to click…




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