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Tip To Save Mobile Data

Cut Down On Excess Mobile Data Charges

Most mobile phone contracts allow you to use a certain amount of mobile data. If you exceed the allowance, you can expect quite an increase in your bill.


There is the option to switch off mobile data on your device and only switch it on when you need to use the internet, but this can be inconvenient for many reasons.

You could connect manually to Public Wifi when out and about. Services such as the _cloud from Sky can be quite useful as the same login is used for different locations.


However there is another option that most providers are now offering. Hotspots.

For this example I’ll refer to Virgin Mobile. Most providers have their own version of this.

If you have Virgin Mobile, visit the App Store on your mobile and install the Wifi App. (Search the app store for “virgin media wifi”). If you are reading this on your mobile click this link and download the app.

Once you have installed the app, your mobile will connect to hotspots instead of using your mobile data. There’s no need to sign-up or sign in to different public wifi services.


You may notice that the coverage is better in built-up residential areas rather than in commercial areas such as town centres on most service providers.

This may come as a surprise to many, the reason for this is that you are actually connecting to other people’s home routers. Yes, the router in your front room or hallway is broadcasting signals which can be accessed on the street by passers by who use the same service provider.

When this practice was first introduced there were questions answered about security and whether or not this can affect your broadband speed if others around your home are “latching” on to your router. However service providers have given assurance that the signal is split and will have no affect on your home internet speeds or security.





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