Getting W10 Is Like Getting A New Car

A quick post to publish my opinion on the free upgrade to Windows 10 as we enter the last 60 days of the offer. I am regularly asked advice as to whether or not it’s worth accepting the offer of a free upgrade.

This is my view

My opinion is yes, take it. Because I believe that Windows 10 is a far superior operating system than anything we have seen before.

The offer runs out at the end of July as Microsoft continue on their aim to have 1 billion devices running the OS.

Why is it free?

Get Windows 10So why have Microsoft offered this deal in the first place? No-one outwith Microsoft knows the answer but there are many theories and many reasons.

Windows XP ended in recent years in a bit of a mess. Millions of users worldwide were still running XP quite happily. They were forced to bin their old computers and upgrade to a new system. That new system came with Windows 8!

This reflected badly on Microsoft. Windows 7 support will draw to an end by 2020. That’s less than 4 years away! When this happens Microsoft cannot risk the same mess and unhappy customers. Hence the reason for the quite persistent upgrade now to W10 campaign in the form of constant reminders popping up on your screen.

When Windows 7 support ends, users may well be reminded “don’t say you weren’t warned” & “we offered the upgrade free for 12 months”.

It’s your choice

Let’s be honest, any computers that are still running on Windows 7 by now (10 months into the free offer) are owned by users that have decided they do not want to change their system.

My view on this is clear. It’s your computer. Your decision. Which is why I don’t agree on the sometimes sneaky way of the upgrade installing itself even although you have been clicking “dismiss” for months.

Getting W10 Is Like Getting A New Car

I often ask you, my customers, the reason you’d want to stick with Windows 7. The most common answer is along the lines of not wanting to “learn it all again”.

If you get a new car. You have to get in and drive it. Some of the buttons are in a different place but you get used to that in no time. In fact you soon realise that having those buttons there is actually an improvement on where they were on your old car.

Furthermore you soon realise that your new car performs better than your old car. It’s faster, more stable and reliable.

So although my advice is to install Windows 10, you own the computer so you decide.