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Support: How To Create W8 Recovery Drive

How To Create A Recovery Drive For Windows 8.1

Tutorial Level: Easy

If you have a Windows 8 / 8.1 laptop, it is worth creating a system recovery drive to keep safe in case your system ever fails. Windows 7 and Windows 8 stickers

All you will need is a spare USB pen drive. Windows will tell you what size the backup image will be when you run the steps below.

Hopefully you will never need to use this but in the repair workshop we are beginning to see cases of laptops requiring a clean install of Windows 8 either if the drive has failed or if the system picks up a virus that prevents the operating system loading.

Previous versions of Windows came with a license sticker on the bottom. Windows 8 laptops do not have this so there is the issue with activating Windows should it require a clean install.

Here are the instructions to create a Recovery Drive.

1. Insert a blank USB memory stick. (Warning – backup the memory stick 1st as anything on it will be overwritten).

2. Press the Start Key (Windows Flag on your Keyboard) and type the words: recovery drive.

3. On the right of the screen click Create A Recovery Drive.

4. Follow the instructions on screen and create your Recovery Drive.

5. Remove USB memory stick and store it in a safe place and let’s hope we never need it.

So why bother? If your laptop is out of warranty and the hard drive fails or needs to be replaced, the options are to purchase a new license costing approx £90, or contact the manufacturer to have a recovery drive for your computer posted out (which can be equally expensive depending on the manufacturer).

Note: If you have a Desktop PC with a Genuine Windows 8 / 8.1 license sticker on the side, then this procedure is not necessary. 




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