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Computroon on Facebook

I am often asked why Computroon doesn’t have a Facebook page. For the past few years I have looked at the pros & cons of adding a Facebook page for the shop. The main reason for holding back was due to search engine optimization (SEO). Computroon on Facebook

But times are changing and the way that users access information on the internet has changed considerably over recent years. Users are using Facebook as a search engine to find information such as opening times and telephone numbers for local businesses.

So I have put it off long enough. Time to publish the Computroon Facebook page.

As an introduction we will run a prize draw for a 1000 GB External Hard Drive. Unless you have a vast amount of films, that is enough storage space to safely backup your entire photo collection and important files. To enter the draw simply Like or Share our Facebook page and on the 12th of December 2014 we will let the computer pick a winner and announce it on here and over on Facebook.

To visit the Computroon Facebook page head for

So remember to hit the Like button for the page (not just for a post – and not the Like button at the bottom of this blog post – the Like button on our actual Facebook page enters you into our prize draw) and good luck.




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