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Support: Office 2013 – Download the ISO

This post is to advise that if you purchase Microsoft Office 2013, which is available from Microsoft Store, when downloading the install files to also download the “Backup to Disc” file.

I have had one or two cases of customers having to purchase Office again after failing to download a backup of the install files for Office.


Previously Office came on a disc and you could move the installation about onto different computers. Now with Office 2013 the program lives and dies on the computer that you install it.

However if the computer develops a fault or needs to be reset to factory settings, getting your Office 2013 back on can prove difficult if you haven’t burned a disc copy.

Here’s how it works:

You login to the Microsoft Store and purchase a product key for Office. They provide a link to download and install it. Easy. However the link expires after a while so while you are logged in downloading your files, look for “Burn from Disc” option on the site. This will allow you to have a hard copy for backup purposes.

Note: This does not apply for the subscription based Office 365. Only Office 2013.


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