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Support: Create Address Labels Using Mail Merge

Support Tutorial: Tutorial Level Intermediate

It’s that time of year again when many of you are preparing to print out your address labels for Christmas cards. At Computroon we stock various Avery sized labels.


If you have never used the “Mail Merge” database feed built into your Office suite then it can appear quite daunting to initially setup. However if you follow the tutorials, step by step it means that in future (next year, and the next year) when it is time to print your address labels, you are just one click away from loading a saved document with all of your contacts in place.

Now, instead of me providing tutorials for various versions of Office and missing something, I have decided to provide links to video tutorials on Youtube. First watch the entire clip, then replay it pausing the video to follow the steps yourself. 

Important: It is important that you follow the tutorial for the version of Office that you are running on your machine.

If you are unsure which version you have click here (opens new window) and use the guide to find out if you have Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office 2013.
If you are using Libre Office, the top link below covers all versions.

So here are the links to the easiest to follow tutorials that I could find for you:

Libre Office – Set Up Your Address Labels

Office 2003 – Set Up Your Address Labels

Office 2007 – Set  Up Your Address Labels

Office 2010 – Set Up Your Address Labels

Office 2013 – Set Up Your Address Labels

We have labels in the shop. The most popular size for address labels is the 3 x 7 labels (21 per A4 sheet). Avery number L7160. These are priced at £1.95 for a pack of 10 A4 sheets (210 white sticky labels)

Note: If you’ve never worked with the Office “Mail Merge” before – good luck, have patience, it’ll be worth it once it’s set up and running.

Tip: When testing the 1st print out – use standard paper to save wasting label sheets. Hold the printed A4 sheet up to the light against a label sheet to check it all lines up OK.


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