Support: Improve Your Wireless Signal

FAQ – How do I boost my WiFi signal?

WiFi “Dead Zones” or “Black Spots” are terms used to describe an area or room in your home that has no / very weak wireless signal.

There are many options to boost or relay your signal. The first thing to determine is where your signal loses it’s power.

Using an iPad to determine this is very misleading as the signal strength bar icon on an iPad is very inaccurate.

To get a more accurate reading of your WiFi signal, you will need a laptop running a small piece of software from a company called Metageek called Inssider. Here is the link to download this utility. There should be trial versions to download.








A few options to improve your signal strength include:

 Re-position your main router. It’s not always practical but try to give your router a bit of clearance away from thick outside walls and away from other electrical equipment.

 Add a WiFi Range Extender (As featured on our products page)

 Add a combination of Ethernet Home Plugs and a second wireless cable router (Home Plug Kit) (Wireless Cable Router)

• Replacing your main router that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) supplied you with. Most – not all –  ISP’s send out the cheaper quality routers which have very poor output and stability. Please note that some service providers (eg Sky) insist that you use their equipment or it will breach their terms. If this is the case then an addon cable router is the way forward to improve your signal.

• Change settings within your router (advanced users only)

 There are many options and I am always happy to advise in the shop which will suit you best. First thing to do though is run the Inssider or similar program and map out a basic diagram of the layout and positioning of your WiFi router and come in to the shop to see me.

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