Support: Windows XP Security Advice

If you are still running a computer with Windows XP, here are a few quick tips.

Do not use Internet Explorer. (IE 8 can not protect your information or withstand the current Malware / Virus threats)

Do not use your XP computer for online shopping or banking. (in other words avoid entering your bank or card details).

Do not get a virus on your computer because in cannot be safely reloaded with Windows without the support of updates or even activation.


These threats are real. We hear about them 1st hand every day with customers asking advice after being defrauded online or on the telephone.

Don’t get caught out – the scale of online crime just now is huge. Running an XP computer for online banking or online shopping is asking for trouble.

There is more information over on the main section of this site which you can read by clicking here. On that page I also urge you to search the internet for more information on this.


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