Support: Install Your Printer

A FAQ we get involves installing printers or resolving problems with printers.

So here goes… follow these steps to successfully install / re-install your printer.

Step 1: Do NOT attach the USB cable to the computer. (yet)

Step 2: Run the disc you got with the printer. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: When the program asks you to connect the printer – now’s the time to plug it in.


For wireless / WiFi printers. The best way is usually to install as a “Wired” printer 1st as detailed above. Once it has completed run the disc a second time with the cable connected and it will detect this and offer you different instructions regarding configuring the wireless side of things. Follow instructions.

Footnote: Once complete it’ll probably suggest that you register. Do this only if you enjoy receiving junk mail. If not click “No – and don’t remind me again”.

If you have misplaced the disc for your printer or if your printer is older than your computer, download the driver for your printer using the following links:

Canon   HP   Epson   Kodak