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Bullguard Internet Security gives you the full protection that you need online.

bullguard internet securityThis is the only internet security that we sell at Computroon. Every year we try and test the others but have stuck with Bullguard over the last few years for a few reasons.

Great Protection

Keeps your computer safe from virus’s and malicious malware attack.

Covers 3 PC’s

One license protects up to 3 computers.

Ease of Use

Bullguard is easy to install. Once it is installed it manages itself.


Our price is £35 for 1 year which covers 3 computers. We don’t sell Bullguard online, it’s available for local delivery only.

Free 60 Day Trial

Here is the link to download the free trial of Bullguard. If you currently have other security installed you may need to correctly unistall that. On our support page there are removal tools.

Help & Support

For help and support we have created a category within our support knowledge base on this link.


Bullguard Internet Security