Stereo Mix Audio Missing In Windows 11

Stereo Mix Audio Input Missing In Windows 11

If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 11 and discovered problems with audio such as audio playback issues or audio recording devices not showing up, the answer is install the Windows 10 drivers onto your Windows 11 system.

In this example, we discovered that stereo-mix recording input was missing completely.

The audio playback was fine but we were unable to record.

Important: Only download drivers from the manufacturers support site. Never trust 3rd partry generic “driver download” sites. Avoid also any 3rd party app that claims to fix driver problems.

Reason For Using Windows 10 Drivers For Windows 11

Some manyfacturers may not update drivers for Windows 11 if the device is over a certain age. However Windows 10 drivers will work just fine as the system architecture is very similar.

Windows 11 during installation will attempt to install all of the correct drivers for your system. However sometimes it will install a generic compatbile driver that will work, but with limitations.

Take A Note Of The Laptop Model Or Motherboard Model

Before we begin to download drivers from the manufacturer, take a note of the model number of your system.

To get the model number of your system:

Type System Info into the Start Search

Open System Information App and locate your model number.

Repair Sound Problems In Windows 11

Fixing Audio Recording Problems In Windows 11

  1. Open The Old Control Panel

    Type control into the search in the Start Menu & open the old style Control Panel.Old Control Panel in Windows 11

  2. Within Control Panel open Hardware & Sound

  3. Within Hardware & Sound select Sound

  4. For Recording Inputs Select Recording Tab

  5. Right-Click A Blank Space

    Within the recording tab, right-click on a blank space and make sure that both “Show Disabled Devices” & Show Disconnected Devices” are both ticked.
    If your device (Stereo Mix) shows up as disabled, right-click and enable.
    If the device doesn’t show up at all, you will need to download the Windows 10 audio drivers from the manufacturer.

Install Drivers

Once the audio drivers have installed, you will have to reboot the system for changes to take effect.

Once this is complete, you should see Stereo Mix within the recording tab.

Manufacturer Support Pages – Links

It is important to only download driver from the official support site for the manufacturer of your system. Never trust 3rd party driver download sites.

Here are a list of computer manufacturer support sites.

(To open links in a new tab, hold Ctrl as you click).