Dual Screen Window Glitch

Solved – After Multi Display Window Opens On Wrong Screen

Here is a quick solution to a common problem.

The Scenario

You have been using your computer or laptop on dual screen or multiple monitors. When you switch back to single display, a particular window which could be a program, app or file explorer folder – continues to open on screen 2 which is now disconnected.

The context controls by right-clicking on the taskbar icon do not give you the option to minimize or move the window back to display screen 1.

The Solution

The solution is incredibly easy by following these steps.

Windows Key & Arrow

Get a Window to open in the correct screen.

  1. Windows Key & Left Arrow

    While holding down the Windows Key, press the left arrow on your keyboard.Windows Key & Arrow (left)

  2. Select Active Window

    Select the Window that you want to reposition by clicking on the top bar of the window.

  3. Reposition It

    Once the active window is selected, drag it slightly in any direction.

On Reconnecting Multiple Dsiplays

When you reconnect your additional screens, the window will open in the last display screen that you had it open.

The process of hitting Windows Key & Arrow to reposition windows is worth experimenting with as it can be an incredibly useful process to use when working with multiple open windows.