Display Your Windows Version

How To Display Your Version & Build Of Windows

If you need to check which Windows version you have or which build of Windows 10 that you have, there are various methods to get this information. Here are the 2 easiest methods.

Method 1

Run winver. (works in all versions of Windows)

Use Run & Type winver

  1. Open the Run Dialog box.

    On your Keyboard press Windows Key & RWindows Key & R

  2. Type winver

    In the Run box type winver and press OK

  3. Windows Version & Build

    In the About box, your current version and build number will be displayed.
    Windows About box

Method 2

Open the System window in Windows 10. (only works with Windows 10)

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu. (or on your keyboard press Windows Key & x)

2. Open the System windows and scroll down to see your current Windows version & build.