Adobe Audition Audio Slow After Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 major updates can knock some settings out if your system has pro-components that aren’t considered “default”.

Fix Input / Output Audio

In this fix, we have the problem of Adobe Audition audio preferences being knocked out by the update.

To correct the audio playback and recording follow these steps within Audition:

  • Go to Edit / Preferences / Audio Hardware.
  • Select the correct sound cards from Default Input & Default Output.
  • OK to apply.

Fix Playback Speed

Once you have corrected the audio hardware for soundcards and discover that the audio is playing back too fast or too slowly, go back into the same dialog box

  • In Adobe Audition go to Edit / Edit / Preferences / Audio Hardware.
  • This time click the button that says “Settings”. This will open the Windows audio settings box.
  • Right-click the sound card that you are using and take “Properties”.
  • Click the “Advanced” tab.
  • In the Default Format section, change to a different sample rate.

For example if the audio playback is too slow in Adobe Audition, drop from 48000 Hz down to 44100 Hz and click Apply.

Additional Fix

If the above method fixes Audition but knocks out the Sample Rate (affecting the playback speed) of other programs, follow these steps:

Additional Fix Adobe Audition Conflicting Sample Rates

  1. Go into Adobe Audition Audio Hardware Settings

    Go to Edit / Preferences / Audio Hardware

  2. Change Device Class

    Change Device Class to WASAPIAdobe Audition WASAPI

  3. Close & Restart

    Close all open programs and relaunch them.

Video Instructions For The Above