Windows 10 Version 1803

The latest build of Windows 10 has been rolled out. Version 1803 is now available and your computer should automatically update to this if your Windows Updates are all working OK.

As always, this is a gradual roll-out, so don’t worry if your system hasn’t taken this update yet.

Estimated time to install depends on your computer, for most home PCs and mid-range laptops, allow anything up to 15 minutes once you click “Restart & Update”

As Windows 10 evolves, some features are added while others are removed. The most notable new addition to this build is Timeline. Similar concept to Quick Access but far more advanced.

Once the update has installed, you will see the timeline icon (as pictured), click it and it is quite self-explanatory what it does from there.

I’ll upload a video to our YouTube channel soon to run through all of these new features.