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Facebook & Google Login On Other Sites – Is is safe?

Scenario: You land on yet another website that requires you to create an account. Another new password to remember and another company that will use you email address to send you endless offers and promotional emails.

There are now 100,000’s of sites that now allow you the “convenience” of signing in with your Facebook or Google account instead.

This may appear to be a great solution. One less password to remember and saving you time filling in the “sign up” create and account form.

How It Works

The site will receive an electronic token from Google or Facebook to confirm that you are who you say you are and this acts as confirmation of the account creation, instead of you having to go to your inbox and click verify.

But is there a catch?

Well it’s all down to personal data that you share. At no point do these sites have access to your Google or Facebook password. Unless they are a rogue site that falsely ask for you enter your email password or Facebook password, and instead of triggering the token, they receive this information directly leading to a hack of your account.

Firstly & Most Importantly

Only use this method it you know and trust the website. Sites like TV channels, airlines, High Street commerce sites, etc. If you have never heard of the site beforehand, then be very wary of using this sign-up method.

Personal Data

Although the 3rd party site doesn’t receive your password, they do benefit from access to data about you. This information will help them target advertising directed at you and your contacts (friends). There doesn’t appear to be much clarity as to how much information is shared so if you are protective about your personal data, then this method may not be for you.


If you are creating an account with reputable companies and you trust them, this can be a convenient method of signing in. As long as you don’t mind targeted advertising from this company and endorsing this company to the list of friends or contacts that you have.

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