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Get More Out Of Your PC

This blog post is an introduction to a new feature I am running called “Get More Out Of Your PC”.

Before we had Facebook, computers were used for so much more. They were used for productive things. They were used for designing things, calculating, organising, producing, learning.

Computers are now more advanced and generally more powerful than they were 10 years ago. But most home computers are now the most under utilised piece of tech in the home.

In 2018 I have launched a series of videos over on our Youtube channel entitled “Get More Out Of Your PC”.

The idea is simple. Get your computer working for you. Discover how to use basic programs and get more from your computer.

Your iPads or smartphones are great for so many things, but to be creative and productive, it’s time to get more out of your computer.

We start our series of videos with the basics. Spreadsheets. Here is the link to the Playlist called “Get More Out Of Your PC” on our Youtube Channel.

Any suggestions are welcome about what software or areas to cover in future videos and live feeds. This project is aimed at providing tutorials for using software rather than troubleshooting problem issues.

Here’s the Playlist:



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