Windows 10 1700 Update

Today I got a first look at the 1700 update which is the latest build version of Windows 10.

Some interesting new features and improvements which I will update here on the blog very soon.

As we have explained in previous posts, Windows 10 is unlike any other operating system to date. The OS will evolve and gradually change and improve over time. Instead of waiting for a new OS, the pattern since release appears to be settling at two major updates annually.

Until I get around to uploading a video preview of the latest build, here is a link to preview some of the new features.

First impression point-of-view, I kind of liked the old legacy “System” window which gave me a quick check on information that I need when working on systems. Instead of opening in a Window, that now opens within App view. Perhaps this is the latest small step to us shifting away from traditional Windows over the App View mode that was forced in on Windows 8???

But I’ll get used to it.


More to follow…..