Video Blog: How We Destroy Old Hard Drives

Here’s a video blog of how we securely destroy your old Hard Drives before disposing of them.

Every week, once we have transferred data from old computers and laptops onto new computers, I get asked to securely dispose of the old drives.

This Is How We Securely Dispose Of Your Old Hard Drive

This is a little “behind the scenes” video blog of the methods we use to destroy your old drives.

9 Years Worth Of Post In One Bin

If a computer is, lets say “9 years old”, that’s 9 years of data stored on your hard drive. Before disposing of any computer, that data has to be destroyed.

Imagine disposing of 9 years worth of post, including bank statements, bills, personal information, photos, etc all in one bin bag and throwing it out?

Your computer hard drive has this – and much more personal information that you really wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Data Recovery

Once the drives have been destroyed, there is no way that even the most experienced computer forensics experts would be able to retrieve the data.