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Old Legacy Windows Games On Windows 10

FAQ: Can I Get The Old Windows Games On Windows 10?

solitaireThe Windows 10 Store has thousands of games to download. Many of them completly free.

However, to my surprise, a question that I get asked very frequently is whether it’s possible to load the old versions of some of the classic legacy games featured on Vista & W7.

Windows games were always a great way of switching off, taking a break or killing some time.

Some of you just don’t like the way that the new “Spider Solitaire” looks. So if you prefer the old style of these classic games, it is now possible to have them installed.

Malware Risk When Downloading Online

solitaire_spiderWhen putting this quick post together I hoped to simply post a link to download the archive of games. Having tried & tested various sources, I have discovered that most come bundled with some sort of malware or PUP.

So the next time you have your computer in for repair or service, request that the old games are installed and I will load them safely for you while it’s in with us.






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